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We are proud to present our art project for  the  play  "You Have the Right to Remain  Silent",  written  by  Francisco  Oliva.


This  site was created to  introduce our ideas in a simple and interactive way. Before entering we want to explain how to use the page.


You'll find a timeline divided in four main sections, each corresponding to a work period: Design, Pre-production, Production and Rehearsal.


Advancing on the timeline or by the drop-down menu, we'll explain all the necessary steps to get to the staging of the play, present team members, show proposals and photos. Keywords are shown in bold. Whenever you want you can go back to the timeline or read every single part page by page. 


Now  we  are  at  the  end of  the  first  part,  the Design.  We hope  you'll  like  our  idea  and that  you decide to help us to make it  real. 


If timeline appear too big, please use Ctrl-


Enjoy our site. Goodbye.

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